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    La Jolla Cliffside Retreat Remodel
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    La Jolla Contemporary Eclectic


Your company is by far the best when it comes to honesty, exceptional results, and good communication between your staff, your subs, and your client!! We will be forever grateful that your name was passed on to us and that you were willing to and ready to take on our project. We are and will continue to sing your praises and pass on your information to anyone who is looking to build or remodel.
With warmest regards

Sheila and Jeffery

Recently I ran into some complications with a small residential building project. Several friends suggested I call Grunow Construction. Your staff has been brilliant. It would not be an exaggeration to say they ”saved the day”.
Specific shout outs go to Dan Brooks and Jahlel Hunter. They have been wonderfully responsive and helpful on the project. Not only did they move the project along, Dan has suggested several improvements I never would have figured out. I feel I have been treated with the same courtesy and attention you give to your biggest projects.

I am not given to writing testimonials but I insist you accept this one.

With sincerest thanks to Grunow Construction and your staff.


Tom, Bill & All, Thank you so much for making our desires come true, and making it a pleasant experience as well.


Many thanks, Tom. I so appreciate your coming right over. You guys take such good care of my crazy issues, and that means a lot


Tom, Thank you so much for making our remodel such an enjoyable experience. The final outcome exceeds our expectations – it was a pleasure to work with all your guys, especially Jim.

Anne and Chuck

I had a towel bar that needed a new molly bolt this week, and, having no clue about how to fix it, I called Grunow Construction. Jahlel was so nice on the phone and took this very little job seriously and promised that it would be taken care of quickly. He sent Martin out a couple of days later, at my convenience, and Martin was as nice and helpful and quick as always. Just wanted you to know that you have very nice, conscientious guys working there, and it is always a pleasure to call on them.


I am sitting here in Calgary reviewing the million outstanding items and the zillion balls in the air for our project – and thinking how fortunate and grateful Carolyn and I are to have Grunow Construction in our lives. You, Bill and Dan Brooks each bring energy, thought, experience and enthusiasm to our job –every day. The thoughtful and professional way you approach issues and provide us with thoughts and advice are critical elements in helping us achieve something special. While our interaction with the rest of your employees is more limited, please know we also appreciate their good nature and we recognize that people who enjoy their jobs, as each of them clearly does, will do their jobs well. We look forward to working with Grunow Construction to the finish, and to the glass we should all share at completion.


To Tom Grunow & Team, We wanted to thank everybody in your company for the great service and wonderful customer service. We are very happy with our kitchen and we are enjoying it everyday. I can tell you that I miss you guys. A big hug to Tom, Ryan, and Martin who were very close to the job and to us.

David & Reina

The Grunow Construction Company did an excellent job remodeling my kitchen, finishing on time and even under budget. the workmen were exceptionally capable and very accommodating. I would give Grunow Construction an unqualified recommendation.


Dear Dan, Danny, and Tom,
Thank you for the great job you and your crews did on putting our house back together….it didn’t seem possible! Thank you Danny for tolerating all my questions and anxiety. Your calm common sense and good aesthetics got me through.
I wish you all the best. Thank you again.


Tom, What a great job! Martin was out of this world. He is the best!



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